Chocolate Raspberry Pâte de Fruit by Kriss Harvey
Chocolate Raspberry Pâte de Fruit by Kriss Harvey

Chocolate Raspberry Pâte de Fruit

  By PolyScience Culinary    

April 23, 2019


Chocolatier Kriss Harvey of andSons in Beverly Hills CA makes perfectly-textured chocolate raspberry pâte de fruit - using the Control °Freak®.


Step 1

750 g Raspberry pulp

Step 2

16 g Yellow pectin

75 g Sugar

Step 3

300 g Glucose

625 g Sugar

Step 4

125 g Illanka dark chocolate

12 g Raspberry spirit

6 g Acid solution (50/50 water and citric acid)

Step 5

500 g Sugar

10 g Citric acid powder


Set a pot on the Control °Freak®. Set the pan temperature to 100ºC. Add the raspberry puree and use the thermometer to bring the temperature of the puree to 50ºC.

Mix the small portion of sugar with the yellow pectin. Whisk this mixture into the raspberry puree in 3-4 additions. DO NOT allow the mixture to fall below 50ºC or the pectin will begin to set, which is irreversible. Increase the pan temperature to 135ºC.

Once all of the pectin-sugar mix has been incorporated, increase the pan temperature to 150ºC. Add the glucose, and allow the mixture to return to a rapid boil. When the glucose has fully integrated, add the large portion of sugar in two additions. Bring the mixture to 103ºC using the thermometer.

When the mixture reaches its final temperature of 103ºC turn the unit off and add the chocolate. Take care to whisk thoroughly so that the chocolate does not separate out. Add the alcohol and acid mixture. Working quickly and carefully, incorporate the liquids and move to cast the mixture into an appropriately sized mould.

Once the pâte de fruit has fully set you may cut them into your desired shape and coat them in a mixture of sugar and citric acid powder.

Big thanks to Chocolatier Kriss Harvey of andSons for letting us hang out and capture this recipe. Make sure to follow Chef on Instagram at @KrissHarv3y and @and.sons.

Visit andSons on the web or in person at 9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills CA 90210.

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