One-Step Hollandaise
One-Step Hollandaise

One-Step Hollandaise

  By PolyScience Culinary    

August 6, 2019


The powerful combination of Probe-Control and Intensity Control of the ºFreak enables you to ditch double boilers forever.


170 g Egg Yolks

120 g Water

60 g Lemon Juice

6 g Kosher Salt

1/5 g Cayenne

300 g Unsalted butter, Cold, Large Dice


Set the Control ºFreak to Probe Control.

Bring the mixture to 74ºC using Probe Control, MEDIUM intensity, whisking constantly.

Once the mixture reaches 74ºC, manually set a one minute timer. Keep whisking for the duration of the timer and the sauce should look sufficiently set when time has elapsed.

Reserve the sauce at 60ºC using Probe Control, SLOW intensity, whisking occasionally to distribute any hot spots. * ensure the tip is far down in the sauce without touching the bottom.

Bring your sauce to 74ºC for one minute for an ultra-stable and thick sauce.


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