Sous Vide Pickles
Sous Vide Pickles

Sous Vide Pickles

  By PolyScience Culinary    

October 16, 2020


Cooking your pickles Sous Vide at 140ºF / 60ºC ensures the perfect texture every time.


400 g Vinegar, white wine (5% acidity)

400 g Water

80 g Sugar

20 g Coarse Kosher Salt

Vegetables, carefully washed, and cut into desired shapes.


Set an immersion circulator to 140ºF / 60ºC.

Combine all of the ingredients except the vegetables in a bowl and whisk until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved.

Add the vegetables to a 1 quart mason jar ensuring to leave at least 2 cm of head room.

Add the pickling liquid to the mason jar ensuring to leave at least 1 cm of head room.

Screw the lids onto the jars taking care to not over tighten. Some folks refer to this as "fingertip tight".

Cook the pickles at 140ºF / 60ºC for 2.5 hours.

Once the cook time has elapsed, carefully remove the jars from the sous vide bath and rest them at room temperature overnight. The lids should have become vacuum-sealed to the jar. Store these jars in a cool dark place for ups to 6 months. If any jars did not seal, don't worry! You may store these pickles in the refrigerator. They will still be delicious, but are NOT safe to store in the pantry.

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