Sous Vide Sweet

Chef Francisco Migoya knows sweet. He also loves sous vide.

Check out Chef Migoya’s processes of infusing flavors into cocoa butter for his tantalizing chocolate confections.

1. Vacuum seal the cocoa butter with the desired flavor at the highest setting to remove all the air within the bag.

2. Start a PolyScience circulating water bath and set to 60 C.

3. Submerge the bag with the cocoa butter and flavoring ingredient in the water completely. Allow the flavoring ingredient to infuse into the cocoa for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Remove the bag from the water and dry it well before opening it.

5. Weigh out the cocoa butter and then weigh out the milk powder and sugar.

6. Pour the cocoa butter (while melted and warm) into a melangeur grinder.

7. Add 1/4 of the sugar then 1/4 of the milk powder. Allow those ingredients to refine into the cocoa butter for about 1 hour. Repeat this procedure until all ingredients are incorporated.

8. Allow 16 to 18 hours for the sugar and milk powder to be completely refined and the mixture is smooth.

9. Remove the chocolate from the melangeur and temper it by tableing on a marble surface. Use as needed once tempered.


Cocoa Butter Recipe:
860 g cocoa butter
Flavor options:

  • lemon verbena 90 g
  • cinnamon sticks: 110 g
  • coffee: 200 g
  • saffron:5g
  • Douglas fir: 160 g

290 g milk powder
590 g sugar, fine


Photo credits:

Ben Fink, excerpted from The Elements of Dessert, F. Migoya, Wiley and Sons 2012

Phil Mansfield, The Culinary Institute of America.