The Sonicprep™ Recipes

Examples of Sonicprep™ applications:

  • Stable homogenizations: create suspensions of liquids that don’t normally mix without the use of an emulsifying agent.
  • Age liquors with wood chips in less than 2 minutes with a flavor effect that would usually take 2 years.
  • Degas and homogenize wine. Wines treated for 60 seconds will have a balanced mouth feel.
  • Infusions and extractions: volatile aromas of fresh herbs and spices can be quickly infused into liquids.
  • Intensify fruit or vegetable pulp for sauces and purées by cell disruption.
  • Tenderizing and marinating meat.
  • Intensify stocks. Apply the Sonicprep™ to shrimp stock and achieve intense flavors without overcooking delicate proteins.